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Plumbing in Matthews, North Carolina
When you have a plumbing emergency or other plumbing issue, it is tempting to go with a corporate plumbing company. You’ve seen all their ads and watched their trucks cruising around town, so that instills a level of confidence that they know what they are doing. The question becomes, however, is that enough to get the best plumbing experience? It might not be, and here’s why you might just want to consider a mom-n-pop plumbing company instead.

  • Personal Attention – To a mom-n-pop plumbing company, you aren’t just an address– you are a member of their own community. They are more likely to give you personal attention than a big company is because it is vitally important to them to create a lifelong customer experience.
  • Reputation – Obviously a stellar reputation is important with any business, but it is even more the case with a mom-n-pop plumbing company. They do not rely on expensive marketing for their customer base, so each and every customer’s opinion is important in order to gain word-of-mouth respect and growth.
  • Flexibility – Generally speaking, a small plumbing company is able to be more flexible in terms of the work they do. Rather than doing everything under the sun, they can focus on what they are best at and thus provide a higher standard of quality work. You won’t get a person showing up to work on your water heater who only has experience with installing faucets. You may have to look for more than one plumbing company to handle all your plumbing needs, such as one for plumbing repairs and another for sewer issues, but you will be more satisfied in the long run.

At Wayne’s Plumbing Repair, our small plumbing company has served the Charlotte, North Carolina area dating all the way back to 1991. Wayne cares about his community and each of its citizens and gives you the personal attention you need so that your plumbing issue is resolved in the best and most affordable way possible. Give us a call with any plumbing questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll tell you upfront if that is something we do. We only do residential plumbing so we can be the best at it.