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iStock-470446985-content-imageWhen it comes to plumbing repairs, toilet repair is one of the most important repairs for homeowners. To keep your bathroom in good condition, you should watch out for signs of wear and tear. This includes appliances like your toilet. Here are some common toilet repair needs that homeowners can watch for:

  • Finding Puddles of Water on the Floor: One troublesome sign that your bathroom needs toilet repair is finding puddles of water on the floor at the base of the toilet. This is an issue that should be addressed immediately to avoid damage to a home.
  • The Toilet Seals Begin to Leak:  Toilets have several seals, and old seals may begin to crack and start to leak. Some leaks will be minor and others will be more severe. Either way, it is very important to watch and ensure the toilet seals remain strong. Seeing puddles on the floor, as mentioned above, may be one indication that toilet seals are compromised.
  • Slow Leaks in the Toilet Bowl: Rather than leaking onto the floor, homes may need toilet repair if the homeowner hears “phantom flushes.” This happens when very slow leaks change the water levels within the toilet, prompting it to flush on its own. Though not severe, this will cause an unnecessary use of water and the machine over time.

Homeowners can look for these problems so they know when to request of toilet repair service from a local plumber.