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 Plumber in Mint Hill, North Carolina
Owning a home is an ongoing project. There is always something to upgrade or repair, and that can get to the wallet pretty quickly. Many of the projects are completely within the realm of DIY so you can save some money on the labor part of the cost. However, there are plenty of times when choosing to be a DIY plumber could be the worst idea ever.

  • Tools – If you do not have the proper tools to be a plumber, you will find that by the time you buy them all to handle that small plumbing task, you will have spent far more than you would have if you had just called a professional plumber. Also, keep in mind that now you have to store those tools, and you may not need them again for months or even years—if ever.
  • Knowledge – While some smaller plumbing tasks are pretty straightforward, others are much more complex. Go ahead and handle pulling the hair out the drain, but you may want to let a professional handle that water heater replacement.
  • Products – Some plumbing tasks involve replacement products, such as toilets, faucets, and water heaters. There are functional products available at your local big box retailer; however, a professional plumber has access to wholesale-only, higher-grade products that may serve you far better. They also have the knowledge to choose the products that are better crafted and hold up longer. They know what low quality is because that’s what they get called to repair most often.

At Wayne’s Plumbing Repair, we hate to see a situation where we have to come in behind the DIY plumber and fix a bigger problem that they created. Don’t let this happen to you by trying to be a plumber without the right tools and experience. Give us a call first and let us give you a quote for the project. You’ll see that it can be more affordable to leave it to the professionals, not to mention that it could be less traumatic for you.