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Don’t Lose Money with Your Dripping Faucet
There are multiple reasons you may end up with a dripping faucet, but whatever the reason for your dripping faucet, it is a good idea to take care of it right away. Even a small amount of wasted water can add money to your water bill and increase your environmental impact. If you have the right tools, it is relatively easy to fix a dripping faucet most of the time, but it is always a good idea to contact a professional about your dripping faucet if you are unsure of the problem or you don’t have the tools needed to address it.

Here are some of the most common reasons that faucets drip:

  • Over time with constant use, the parts in the handle and faucet may get loose and need to be tightened or replaced.
  • The O-ring in the handle may need to be replaced periodically.
  • The rubber washer is also a frequent reason for a dripping faucet. These are easy to replace, but you must make sure you get the correct size.
  • Sediment on the assembly can cause the seals to wear out, allowing water past them.

If none of these common problems are causing your dripping faucet, it is possible that you have a broken or cracked pipe somewhere. This doesn’t often cause a dripping faucet, but it is possible and should be checked out by a professional plumber if you have trouble getting your faucet to quit dripping. A true professional plumber understands that a dripping faucet needs to be fixed, so never feel like it is too small a job.