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What’s the Cause of a Noisy FaucetSeveral factors can cause faucet noise, not all of which have to do with the actual faucet – some have more to do with plumbing. If you’ve got a noisy faucet, one of the common issues mentioned below is probably to blame.

  • Water Hammer: This occurs when the faucet is off, and it’s happening in the pipes, not the faucet. An air gap needs to be installed to solve this problem. It’s a job for your local plumber.
  • Squealing: This is caused by a loose seat washer, and the noise only occurs while the faucet is on. When it’s off, the washer stays perfectly still. To solve this noisy faucet issue, the stem and handle probably need replacing.
  • High-Pitched: Often high water pressure is the culprit. This problem sometimes contributes to other noises, including banging and fluttering. If this is the cause, you’ll need to call a licensed plumber to adjust the water pressure.
  • Thumping or Bumping: Again, the problem might not be with the faucet. In many older homes, the sound is caused by banging pipes that aren’t properly secured. The sound usually appears muffled because it’s deadened by a wall. This, too, is an issue that only a plumbing contractor can handle. The solution is to brace and support the pipes.

Note: If you’ve got a noisy faucet, do not ignore it! Apart from it being annoying, it could indicate a serious problem that will eventually require the services of an emergency plumber. Contact us at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair and let us take a look. We serve Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.