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What Material is Right for Your New Pipe Installation?
Re-plumbing a house can be a lot of work, but it can also reduce the number of plumbing problems you experience. When you are thinking about new pipe installation, whether in new construction or to replace existing plumbing in a home that is already completed, there are several types of pipes to consider. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and a professional plumber can discuss what types of pipes are right for your pipe installation job.

Here are some of the most common types used in pipe installation in homes:

  • PEX – This type of piping is made with polyethylene that is cross linked. It is good for both hot and cold water. It has become very popular because of its low cost, ease of use and the fact that it can withstand freezing without bursting like other types.
  • PVC – PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and can be used for many uses. It is only used for cold water in homes but is frequently used in irrigation systems and pools and spas.
  • CPVC – Like PVC, CPVC can withstand warmer water (up to 180 degrees) and may be used for both hot and cold water transport in homes.
  • Copper – This type of piping is versatile in home use, but needs to be well insulated against freezing as it will burst or break. Also, it can be more expensive than other types.

If you are preparing for new pipe installation, you want to choose the piping that is right for your purpose. Be sure to discuss your options with us at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair.