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iStock-172687351-blog contentWhen you remodel your bathroom, homeowners often include toilet replacement in their plans. Even when an exciting remodel is not on the table, sometimes, homeowners need to replace an old toilet as it stops working well. Whether remodeling or simply replacing a toilet, how do you pick the right toilet replacement?

One important consideration homeowners should look at immediately is measurements. Measurements matter a lot when it comes to toilet replacement. Toilets come in different sizes. You can identify the size of toilet you need when you measure the distance between the bathroom wall and the bolts that bind the toilet to the floor.

Another item homeowners may want to consider as they find a toilet replacement is water use. Newer toilets often offer better water use efficiency than older models. Purchasing a water-efficient toilet is a great way to reduce overall water usage (and the cost of water bills) in your home.

As you look to remodel your bathroom or update your toilet, be sure to consider the right size and eco-friendly options as you review the toilet replacement options for your home.

If you need help, remember that we’re always here to offer a helping hand! Contact us today to find out more about the toilet replacement process.