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iStock-589557152-blog contentWhen major plumbing problems arise, you are usually on the phone within minutes to call a reliable plumber. However, there are many day-to-day plumbing problems homeowners simply put up with. Rather than enduring inconveniences, here are three common plumbing problems your plumber can take care of immediately.

  1. Stop a Running Toilet: A toilet that constantly runs not only creates a distraction in your home, but it also wastes water. This may be driving up your water bill as well as giving you a headache! A plumber can easily fix the toilet to keep it running efficiently.
  2. Minor Leaks: Minor leaks can turn into major leaks or cause water damage if left unattended. You may see small leaks in plumbing joints, faucets, or other areas in your home. These minor inconveniences should be dealt with quickly to avoid larger plumbing issues and maintain your home.
  3. Leaking Water Heater: Another more significant leak to fix is a leak in your water heater. In addition to limiting hot water supply, a leaky water heater can also quickly cause damage to your home. Protect floors and walls by calling a plumber to take care of this leak before it becomes a significant problem.

Addressing these problems early will prevent more significant problems in the future as well as improve your quality of life now. Stop enduring plumbing issues, and contact a reliable plumber to solve your plumbing problems.