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Plumbing RepairYou wouldn’t put brand new wallpaper on a dented and damaged wall, and it makes about as much sense to do a renovation without first having the plumbing checked out in case you are due for some plumbing repair. It can be heartbreaking to have to rip out that new tile or other improvement because an old pipe broke.

A common plumbing repair to consider prior to a renovation is re-piping. If your home is older and has old galvanized piping, copper piping or perhaps even piping that was not put in up to building code, it is wise to replace the piping before you get started with other aspects of your renovation. Galvanized piping almost always rusts inside, and thus you are getting rust in your water. This is hazardous to drink, and it can also damage your appliances. Copper piping was a popular choice at one point, but a very thin type was often used, which has been found to be an inferior choice, as it springs leaks pretty readily.

The ideal time to have any plumbing repair done is when the pipes will be exposed during the renovation process, but before they are sealed up again. You may also find this a great time to relocate certain plumbing features, like moving the shower head to a different wall or place it higher or lower on the present wall.

If you are getting ready to renovate your Charlotte, NC home and would like more information about practical and potential plumbing repairs, give us a call at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair. Wayne does all the work himself and always charges by the job, not the hour. You will get the one-on-one attention you just cannot get with other plumbing repair companies.