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Toilet Replacement in Charlotte, North Carolina
Of all the things that break and wear out in your home, one of the most durable and long-lived is the toilet. The strong construction of the toilet itself is designed to last for decades, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t situations in which toilet replacement isn’t desirable. If you have toilets in your home that have been around for a long time, toilet replacement could be a really good idea.

Older toilets use a lot of water compared to newer technologies. You could be using as much as seven gallons of water with each flush – that is more than 10,000 gallons of water per person, per year. You could easily shave that to under 3,000 gallons by switching to a more efficient 1.6 gallon model. This saves you on your water bill and does the right thing for the preservation of this vital resource. A dual-flush feature further saves water by using even less when flushing only liquid waste. Don’t worry– these ultra-low-flow (ULF) toilets are just as effective.

Another reason for toilet replacement is when you just cannot get your toilet clean anymore. Although the toilet may last for many more years, it has lost some of the coating and thus retains stains. It may work just fine, but for aesthetic and sanitary reasons, it is time for toilet replacement. Finally, a great reason for toilet replacement is to get a different model than what you have. Many are opting for oblong bowls and comfort height features for a better bathroom experience.

If you have questions about how toilet replacement could be ideal for your bathroom, give us a call at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair. We’ll be happy to provide you with options that will save you water and increase comfort. We have been serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area since 1991.