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Toilet Replacement

Your main reasons for considering a bathroom renovation might include having a modern dual sink layout, a large walk-in shower, and other features to transform your dated bathroom into a place you’ll love. Whether you are going for a full renovation or just want to add a few modern and functional touches, you’ll need to know about toilet replacement options. Here are a few styles and types on the market today that could have a huge impact on the success and enjoyment of your new bathroom.

  • Dual-Flush – If you like the idea of conserving water for the betterment of the planet and your budget, consider a dual-flush toilet. With each flush, you’ll have the choice of a half flush or full flush, so you can use less water when solids aren’t involved. If you want to reduce toilet clogs, consider a pressure-assisted toilet for a more powerful flushing action than the standard gravity-fed toilet. There are also many styles that use less water overall.
  • Height Options – There are various heights you can consider for your toilet replacement project, including a lower profile ideal for younger children, standard height, and taller profiles ranging from 16” to 19”, which are referred to comfort or ADA height. There is also the option to go with a wall-hung toilet that can be mounted at a custom preferred height.
  • Bowl Shape Options – The three most common bowl shapes are round front, compact elongated, and elongated. There are many other specialty toilets on the market that usually come with a hefty price tag but are worth considering if you want a specialized result.
  • Aesthetic Options – There are many different styles that have more to do with aesthetics than function. For example, there are several color choices for toilet replacement, so you can go beyond the standard bright white to get a unique décor result for your bathroom renovation. There are also different trap-way styles, including exposed, concealed with visible mounting holes, and fully concealed.

If you would like to know more about toilet replacement for your upcoming bathroom renovation or as a single upgrade to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom, give us a call at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair. We have been providing fast and professional plumbing services since 1991 and look forward to helping you with any plumbing repair, installation or replacement you have in mind.