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Pipe Repair

There are pipe repair situations that are obvious because you have water pouring out from under a sink or behind a wall. However, there can also be pipe issues that you don’t know about because the leak is smaller or the water is traveling to a hidden area. You still want to get the problem resolved, as you are spending too much for water and could have humidity and structural water damage going on. One way to determine if you might need pipe repair is to track water usage.

The average family of four will use between 80 and 100 gallons of water each day. If your family size is different, figure 20 to 25 gallons a day per person. It could be higher if you have family members who work from home or frequently take long showers or use a large soaking tub. If your last water bill showed quite a bit more than that, you may need pipe repair.

You can also conduct a sampling of daily usage if you suspect a pipe repair issue has just come up. Go out to your water meter and take an initial reading. Then go back 24 hours later and take another reading. The difference between the two readings is your daily usage. Multiply by 30 days to get a monthly usage figure to compare to the average listed above. Another way to tell if you need minor pipe repair is go a few hours without using any water in the house and see if the meter has advanced. If there is a major leak, you’ll see the meter moving.

If you suspect you need pipe repair, give us a call at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair. We can assess your home for you and perform any repairs that need to be done, including re-piping, faucet repair or replacement, toilet repair or replacement, water heater repair or replacement, and much more.