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When It Comes to Water Heater Repair, a Stitch in Time Saves NineWhen it comes to energy consumption, do you know what the top three guzzling appliances in your home are? If you’re like most people, they are your clothes dryer, your refrigerator and your water heater. So, the decision to have water heater repair or replacement is a good way to start saving money on your energy bill.

While most water heaters are low maintenance, they do have one common issue – leaking. If a leak isn’t fixed quickly, it will gradually get worse until you see gallons spilling onto your basement floor because the tank is worn out completely. This is one time when water heater repair won’t be an option – you’ll have to consider replacement.

Another common issue is loss of efficiency. Old water heaters, whether electric or gas, don’t work as well as new models. Industrial and governmental steps have been taken to make new water heaters more energy-efficient. Over time, sediment accumulates in the bottom, causing expensive heating problems.

The Department of Energy strongly recommends buying one of the latest energy-efficient water heaters. Although the initial outlay may be more than a standard one, you’ll enjoy energy savings throughout the appliance’s lifetime. Look for the EnergyGuide and Energy Star labels. Energy Star rated water heaters fall into the following categories:

  • Non-condensing gas
  • High-efficiency gas
  • Electric heat pump
  • Gas condensing
  • Solar
  • Tankless

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and you think you may benefit from water heater repair or replacement, you’ll find one of the most professional, honest and experienced plumbing companies at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair.