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Toilets, Waxhaw, NC

Ugly toilet? Uncomfortable toilet? Water hog toilet? Call us to learn about stylish new toilets for Waxhaw homes.

Toilets in Waxhaw, North Carolina
Of all the plumbing components in your home, toilets are the ones you most want to feel confident will give you reliable service. While there aren’t many things that can go wrong with the toilet body itself, the tank parts do not last forever. Each flush cycle wears them out just a tad more until you find yourself needing to manipulate the handle just right to get a full flush, or the water keeps trickling into the bowl long after you’ve flushed. Don’t suffer with this annoyance or water waste when a quick call to us at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair will get your home’s toilets functioning properly again.

In addition to repairing toilets, we also install new ones and handle the replacement of older, dated styles when you want something more stylish or comfortable. A common upgrade is to go with a comfort-height toilet, also known as handicapped accessible. An elongated bowl is another style that is popular. Today’s toilets are more water-efficient than those made years ago, so you can see a marked improvement on your water bill by upgrading.

If you have an uncomfortable toilet that makes your toes go numb after a few moments or you have one of those outdated colored toilets that were so popular back in the day, don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about the newer styles and colors that will transform your bathroom and make for a more comfortable visit. Also, feel free to call us to learn about the various plumbing services we’ve offered in the Waxhaw, North Carolina area since 1991.




If you are having toilet problems in Charlotte, Weddington, Midland, BallantyneWaxhaw, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, or Matthews, North Carolina, Waynes Plumbing Repair can help!