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Faucet Repair, Weddington, NC

You can always rely on us to handle faucet repair and a number of other plumbing services in Weddington.

Faucet Repair in Weddington, North Carolina

When you’re trying to fall asleep at night, do you hear dripping sounds? Does your sink have water in it at all times, whether or not you’ve used it recently? Have you noticed an increase in your monthly water bill? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably dealing with a leaky faucet. Not only is a leaky faucet very annoying to listen to when you’re lying in bed, but it can also waste a lot of water. Additionally, if the leak is beneath the sink closer to the plumbing, that water could be slowly eating away at the cupboards and flooring beneath it.

A water leak is never something you should ignore. It’s one of the most concerning problems that can impact your home, leaving behind a lot of damage in its wake. Even a small leak can cause severe damage in a short period of time, and the extra moisture will increase the chance of mold growth. When mold spores are in the air, you could notice symptoms like congestion, sore throats, or headaches. Many people are allergic to mold, which is why this side effect of water leaks is so dangerous.

At Wayne’s Plumbing Repair, we offer faucet repair services to eliminate this problem from your Weddington, North Carolina home. When you contact us, we’ll send an experienced technician to take a closer look at what is causing the leak and come up with a plan for faucet repair. You can always rely on us to handle faucet repair and a number of other plumbing services, keeping your home safe and dry.

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