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Water Heater Repair, Weddington, NC

Wayne has many years of experience providing reliable water heater repair for our customers in Weddington.

Water Heater Repair in Weddington, North Carolina

Would you know the signs of water heater repair if they were looking back at you? At Wayne’s Plumbing Repair, we often hear stories from people who say their water heater gave out on them suddenly without warning. Unfortunately, the whole thing could have been avoided if they had known the warning signs that a repair was needed.

Signs that water heater repair should be on your radar include clanking noises coming from the tank, a dripping leak that is pooling on your floor, unreliable hot water, or hot water that doesn’t last very long when you shower or complete routine tasks. While some hot water heater repairs are fairly simple to address, like replacing an element or the heating coils, sometimes water heater repair requires more extensive work, like replacing some of the pipes and other internal components.

The good news is that Wayne has many years of experience providing reliable water heater repair for our customers in Weddington, North Carolina, and you won’t be disappointed in the quality of his workmanship or the service he provides. He can even recommend water heater replacement and complete an installation if water heater repair isn’t really going to give you the results you need.

You should have reliable hot water at your home every day, and there is no better way to achieve this goal than to call us at Wayne’s Plumbing Repair any time you notice the warning signs that you need water heater repair. Call today to learn more about our extensive plumbing services and to schedule an appointment.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable water heater repair in WeddingtonCharlotte, Midland, Waxhaw, BallantyneIndian Trail, Mint Hill, or Matthews, North Carolina, Waynes Plumbing Repair can help!